Research Digest -- Cancer  

Epidemiological studies have not supported some of the popular hypotheses concerning life style and cancer

High fat diet does not increase risk for breast cancer. There is no higher risk of many cancers if you drink coffee or use artificial sweeteners

Calories quantities  

Children who overeat and exercise too little are at higher risk of cancers, especially of the breast and prostate ones

Obesity again  

Obesity in adult life is an important cause of cancers of endometrium, breast, colon, kidney and gallbladder

Two drinks a day...  

Although modest drinking does seem to reduce the risk of heart disease, drinking that little causes higher risks of breast, colon and rectal cancers

...or more:  

Large quantities of alcohol, especially in smokers, increase risks of cancer of upper respiratory and digestive tracts, as well as liver cancer

What is NOT in a diet  

Skimping on vegetables and fruits is a significant contributor to many different kinds of cancer for reasons that are not completely known

"White Death" and hot drinks  

Salt appears to be a significant contributor to stomach and pharyngeal cancers. So do too hot beverages

How about electromagnetic danger  

It seems that these fields have to be a million times more energetic before they can cause a cancer-inducing genetic mutation. Epidemiological link between power lines and leukemia most probably is due to socio-economic reasons characteristic for the inhabitants


• 60% of all cancer deaths in the US are due to diet
• 30% smoking
• 3% alcohol
• 3% sedentary life style
• 2% radiation, mostly from natural sources
• 1% food additives, mostly salt

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