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Yoga and You

• It's 5,000 years old, but the ancient Indian mind-body system is setting late-nineties trend for fitness and wellness programs around the country. Maybe it's time you had a look
• The 3 goals of American enthusiasts are wellness, concsiousness, and fitness
• Yoga is a tool and a system for improving your attitude

Baby Boomers resist aging - from the recent survey  

• Baby boomers believe that old age begins at 79 (but think it began at 50 for their parents)
• Three out of four say they look younger than their age
• Wrinkles are thought to be a professional and personal asset in men but not in women

Once again about strength training and aging  

• Strength training may be just the ticket to a lifetime of fitness
• Starting a weight-training program now can enable you to continue doing the things you take for granted in the coming decades
• Whether you're 40 or 90, strength and muscle mass can be increased

Boron is for brain, kelp is for calcium  

Adults on diets low in boron had more trouble concentrating and performing a variety of tasks requiring mental focus.

Kelp contains 1,093 mg of calcium per 100 g. Compare with milk: 1,200 mg per quart! More calcium can be found in a cup of cooked collard greens than in a cup of milk and kelp is more then three times richer in calcium than collard.

It's not what's up front that counts  

Americans Eat $ 7 Billion Worth Of Lettuce Each Year, Most Of It Iceberg - The Least Nutritious.

Dandelion hearts have six times more vitamin A than lettuce, four times more protein than celery.

Compared to the roots most of us root for, the greens of beets have twice the vitamin C, three times the iron and vitamin B2, four times the magnesium, six times the calcium and 259 times the vitamin A.

Broccoli leaves offer more vitamin A that the stalks or pods.

Health Report  

The Good News

Middle aged men who had two to six drinks a week were half as likely to die from heart disease as those who didn't touch the stuff. The drinks did not increase their cancer risk, either.

The Bad News

Preschoolers who guzzle as little as 12 oz of fruit juice a day tend to be fatter or shorter than their peers: at expense of more nutritious foods kids fill up on liquid that's packed with sugar, albeit natural ones.

New Middle Age  

Panicked By The Onset Of Middle Age, Many Baby Boomers Are "Coping" By Living A Kind Of Second Adolescence.

Men and women are hopelessly out of sync in the New Middle Age. Often, men are adrift, bereft of meaning, while women are in "take-off" position, ready for a richer life.

Melatonin and EMFs  

The "third eye of the brain", pineal gland, is especially sensitive to magnetic fields. Negative pole of permanent magnets seems to enhance melatonin production by this mysterious organ. Not only does melatonin appear to fight several types of cancer, but we may be able to use it to control the aging clock. Electromagnetic fields of many frequencies often have adverse effects on health.

Virtual Colonoscopy  

The Technique Involves Only Half As Much Radiation Exposure As A Barium Enema.

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