Joint International Symposium:
Integrative Medicine,
Expressive Therapies, Music & Healing

Aug. 3-6, 2000

Location: Immaculata College, Immaculata, PA

Joint International Symposium 2000: Integrative Medicine Expressive Therapies, Music & Healing

Theme: Integration & Multi-modal Healing

  • Panel of Leaders in the Creative Arts Therapies!
  • Assoc. for Integrative Medicine Members Meeting!
  • Music & Healing Institute!
  • Virtual Arts Therapies!
  • College Credit available!
  • Exhibits & Networking!
  • Rick Lippin MD

    Rick Lippin, M.D.

    David Darling

    Eric Miller, Ph.D.


    Keynotes & Highlight speakers: 

  • Rick Lippin, M.D., founder of the Int. Arts-Medicine Association
  •  David Darling, maverick cellist 
  • Sr. Jean Anthony Gileno, Ph.D. MT-BC - Virtual Arts Therapis
  • Eric Miller, Ph.D. MT-BC - Music Therapy and Biofeedback: Non-drug Alternatives
  • Dan Benor, M.D. - Healing Research, Quantum Healing 
  • Peter Redmond, D.C. - Subtle Energies: The Power in Healing 
  • Irene Doniger, MS, RN - Healing The Heart Inside and Out
  • Nancy Lubow, Preferred Music as an indicator of the prevailing mood states, thought patterns and imagery in adolescent music students
  • Chriss Berk, MA, ATR Practicing Independently As An Integrative Health Care Provider 
  • Lynn Miller, CMT - Freeing the Creative Spirit 
  • and many more
  • Who will be attending:

    Doctors, Nurses, Reiki Masters, Massage Therapists, Counselors, Homeopaths, Chiropractors, Energy Workers, Music Therapists, Art Therapists, Dance Therapists, Poetry Therapists, Nutritionists, etc.,

    Ongoing: Open Expressive Arts Space & Bodywork Exchange Area

    Register Early!
    $10. Late fee for On-Site Registration



    Dr. Eric Miller 
    C/O Expressive Therapy Concepts, inc., 
    Box 1, Mont Clare, Pennsylvania 19453. 
    Phone (610) 933-8145

    Hotel: The Hampton Inn

    To get the conference rate of $79. per room (up to 4 people in a room) it is necessary to call the Hampton Inn directly, rather than the 800 number. 610-699-1300. Mention the international Symposium at Immaculata.

    Preliminary listing as of Aug. 99


    2000 International Symposium at Immaculata College:

    Integrative Medicine & Expressive Therapies

    Conference Roster (text version) preliminary (3/2000)

    Thursday August 3, 2000

    Pre-conference intensives 1:00pm - 4:00pm,

    Pre-conference intensives 4:30pm - 5:00pm, Mini-Workshops

    Opening Ceremony 6:30pm

    David Darling Concert 7:30pm

    (5 hr CE courses) fee: 80.

    See our FULL Schedule for a complete listing

    A. Dan Benor, M.D. Quantum Healing

    Experiential Workshop:

    Understanding Spiritual Healing from the Quantum Perspective

    Spiritual healing (as in Therapeutic Touch and Reiki) which introduces subtle energy medicine and spiritual awareness into integrative care, can best be appreciated through experiential learning. If I tell you ABOUT the taste of the fruit of the cactus, no amount of explanation could bring you to know its true taste. It is the same with Quantum Medicine and Spiritual Healing. Dr. Benor, trained in psychology, medicine, psychiatry, research, and spiritual healing, will introduce ways in which you can KNOW DIRECTLY and can begin to truly understand Quantum Medicine and Spiritual Healing from your own experiences.

    B. Lynn Miller, CMT.

    Freeing the Creative Spirit

    The creative arts are an avenue to connect spiritually, with ourselves and each other. There is creative potential in all of us. Reclaim your creative powers! This workshop explores a multi-arts approach using movement, music and art for focusing and connecting with your inner wisdom. Guided imagery and improvisational techniques will be explored to take us out of our analytical minds so we may be guided by our intuitive self. Awaken the healing creative powers within you through the arts.

    No experience necessary.

    C. Eva S. Forndran Ph.D, ACET

    (Pre-conference intensive)

    The Art of the Mandala and Its Place in Holistic Medicine

    Sentence: Two part presentation with visual examples and discussion followed by hands-on mandala creation in different media


    The viewing of mandala examples and their variations of many cultures around the world is used as an introduction. It was C.G.Jung who especially spoke of the therapeutic effect of mandala work as expression of a self-healing process. The radiating lines form the Center to the circle's periphery accomplishes a union of the "outer" with the ''inner". Harmonious working together of color and forms often with symbolic content gives way to elaborate creative expressions sometimes also inspired by special music.

    Mandalas are a path to wholeness in the process of Individuation and are important in man's psychological and spiritual self-realization, functioning as integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Centeredness brings forth healing energies. The so called dialogue mandala involvement used as communication exercise between two persons can be very helpful between marriage partners. Making a Mandala for meditation purposes and in ritual mandala settings helps in special visualization processes. A Mandala is an example of the synthesis of Healing , Spirituality and Art.

    Diplomate, Institute of Expressive Therapy

    "Hands-On" Artist's Studio for Expressive Therapy

    Emmaus, PA


    affiliate: AIM Board Member, NETA


    Zora Natanblut RPT, PhD

    Introduction to the Alexander Technique.

    Physical Therapist, Alexander Technique Teacher

    Wellness & Pain Management

    King of Prussia, PA

    I-affiliate: Zora is a Physical Therapist who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an Alexander Technique Teacher who is active on Program Develpment Committee of Alexander Technque International. She has taught the Alexander Technique in the USA and England. She has a private practice in King of Prussia, PA. where she also does CranioSacral Therapy and Process Acupressure.

    Title: pre- conference 3 hour

    Paragraph: The Alexander Technique is based on the principal that people are designed for movement. Inherent in this design is an incredible capacity for flexibility. power and expressiveness. All to often, we unwillingly interfere with this design, causing body tension. The Alexander Technique is a method that works

    to change habits, thus redirecting unnecessary tension into useful energy, as you carry out your daily activities.

    O-AV: Overhead for transparencies

    Mike Wanner M.Ms. & Rita Maute

    Healing with the Energy of Angels -
    (certificate) course over 2 days - fee: 120.

    Philadelphia, PA

    Integrated Energy Therapy identifies and clears the limiting effects of the past. It uses a divine angelic energy ray. It is particularly effective in clearing blocks which limit relationships, creativity, sexuality, prosperity and health. Integrated Energy Therapy provides gentle yet powerful support for the survivors of childhood traumas such as alcoholic families, sexual or physical abuse, and dysfunctional environments.


    Saturday Evening:

    Peter Jampel, Ph.D.
    NCATA past Chair

    Dianne Dulicai, Ph.D., ADTR,
    President of the American Dance Therapy Assoc

    Andrew R. Hughey, Ph.D.
    President of the Am. Society for Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama

    Marcia Rosal, Ph.D. ATR or rep.
    President of the American Art Therapy Assoc

    Stephen Rojcewicz, M.D.
    Past President National Assoc For Poetry Therapy

    Kay Roskam, Ph.D.  or Rep.
    President of the American Music Therapy Association

    Anin Utigaard
    IEATA co-chair

    Norm Goldberg,

    Thursday Opening Ceremony, Dan Benor, M.D. Author of Healing Research

    Concert-David Darling .

    Friday 1:45pm:
    Highlight Speaker: Rob Kall, M.Ed. - Optimal functioning vs pathology model of health

    Keynote Speaker: Rick Lippin, M.D. - founder of the Int. Arts-Medicine Assoc.