1999 International Symposium at Omega:

Integrative Medicine & Expressive Therapies

Conference schedule (text version) preliminary

Wednesday May 26, 1999

Pre-conference intensives 2:00 - 5:30, 7:30-9:00

(5 hr CE courses) fee: 80.

A. Dan Benor, M.D. Quantum Healing

Experiential Workshop:

Understanding Spiritual Healing from the Quantum Perspective

Spiritual healing (as in Therapeutic Touch and Reiki) which introduces subtle energy medicine and spiritual awareness into integrative care, can best be appreciated through experiential learning. If I tell you ABOUT the taste of the fruit of the cactus, no amount of explanation could bring you to know its true taste. It is the same with Quantum Medicine and Spiritual Healing. Dr. Benor, trained in psychology, medicine, psychiatry, research, and spiritual healing, will introduce ways in which you can KNOW DIRECTLY and can begin to truly understand Quantum Medicine and Spiritual Healing from your own experiences.

B. Lynn Miller, CMT. Freeing the Creative Spirit The creative arts are an avenue to connect spiritually, with ourselves and each other. There is creative potential in all of us. Reclaim your creative powers! This workshop explores a multi-arts approach using movement, music and art for focusing and connecting with your inner wisdom. Guided imagery and improvisational techniques will be explored to take us out of our analytical minds so we may be guided by our intuitive self. Awaken the healing creative powers within you through the arts.

No experience necessary.

C. Tony Brooks. VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE SPACE (V.I.S.) an experiential intensive

The pre intensive will be aimed towards demonstrating the creative use of my technology within the attendees chosen discipline through movement in the V.I.S. and the role of the therapist, helper and teacher as an interactive partner in the creative process towards offering an improvement in life quality through this means.

Soundscapes applies technology as an exciting futuristic expressive channel for new forms of communication with handicapped and others having the opportunity for an improvement of life quality. Workshops are held which invite participants to move within "Virtual Interactive Spaces" (or V.I.S.) which Tony terms his operating area. The feedback which is relative to the movement can be mapped to sounds, images or other multimedia.

Thursday May 27, 1999

Ongoing: Open Expressive Arts Space & Bodywork Exchange Area

Thursday 9 - 10AM (A)

Ellen M. Adelman Ph.D.          Elkins Park, PA


Integrating a mind-body medicine approach into a healing psychotherapeutic practice

Dr. Adelman is a licensed psychologist and meditation instructor at

the sage healing institute for mind-body medicine, a division of psycare solutions inc. She is also director of the mind body medicine program at fox chase cancer center.



Tony Brooks                         Aarhus C, Denmark


The VIS system was developed to research whether multimedia feedback through movement in virtual interactive spaces is

capable of enhancing current methods of expressive therapy.

Infrared light and ultra sonic sources create the spaces capable of translating movement into digital information which is mappable within a computer system to give the desired feedback via a digital interface. Interactive programs for each participant are designed depending on the facility and the therapists' desired goal for the treatment. Physically limited participants are trained to explore the interactive space and to focus on the multimedia element(s), for example, sounds or images, which are manipulated as a result of movement. The zones are programmable to give results up to eight meters from the source therefore allowing close and distant treatment and analysis. The system has been researched and developed with various groups of physical and mental disadvantaged groups. Neglect, co-ordination and balance training were programmed for brain damaged participants, whilst stress relieving exercises were programmed for Spastic, Cerebral Palsy and similar participants.

practising music therapy consultant at Aktivitet Center Frederiksberg, Aarhus Denmark



Thursday 9 - 10AM (B)

Kevin Makarewicz M.A.             Cos Cob, CT

Making Contact Through Music

This Presentation and Experiential workshop will include highlighting optimal attitude and perspective in the process of music making, and specific accessible practices which facilitate people to make contact and deepen relationships through music making.

Music making is a vehicle for joyful and healing resonance and synergy between persons. Through cultural attitudes about performance, expectations and elitism many people have been disenfranchised from the exquisite renewing capacity that music making offers. Drawing on models from global sacred traditions, indigenous traditions and pioneering music education models, we will explore a model of music making which makes music accessible to people as a source of healing and celebration.

Kevin Makarewicz MA, Expressive Therapist, has led the Expressive Therapy program at Wellspring, an innovative psychiatric treatment center, works for the Martha Welch Attachment Center, and founder of the Long Dance Ceremonial Community. He has helped to develop the Music for People - Musician and Leadership Program.





Thursday 9 - 10AM (C)

ZORA NATANBLUT RPT PH.D.                         King of Prussia, PA


The Alexander Technique is a body re-education taught through gentle hands-on guidance of a teacher so that movement is easy, fluid, flexible,powerful and expressive.

We are designed for movement. Inherent in this design is the capacity for ease, flexiblity, power and expressiveness, whether we are dancing, hammering a nail or working at a computer. All to often we unwittingly interfer with this design causing tension and fatique. The Alexander Technique offers a systematic look into the underlying principles, which govern human movement. When applied, these principle guide us to a dynamic experience of kinesthetic lightness wherein thinking becomes clearer, feelings accessible, sensations livelier and movement more pleasurable. We learn to sense, comprehend and accept how we are doing, what we are doing as we are doing it. We learn to redirect unnecessary tension into useful energy.

Physical Therapist, Alexander Technique Teacher

affiliate: American/Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Ass., Alexander Technique International




Thursday 10:15 - 11:15AM (E)

Sally Adams B.A. A.I.C.                   Phila, PA


learn specific techniques to access your fullest, clearest and most natural singing voice in a supportive and playful environment. Gift!

Discover and expand your natural singing voice in a playful and supportive environment. Enhance your confidence and range of expression, learn games to tap into vocal creativity and ability to improvise with others

Sally adams has led voice workshops in the u.S and in England for the past 7 years. She has sung in a variety of venues from the rabindra sadan concert hall in calcutta, india to the metro stations in paris, france and the sanctuary in findhorn, scotland. Sally has studied classical, pop, musical theartre, and anthroposophical singing techniques with a variety of international teachers. She also relies on the alexander techniqaue which focuses on awareness and release of tension for optimum efficiency and ease in singing. Her BA from the university is in speech communication with advanced studies and professional work in acting, singing, and the healing arts. University of virginia, , University of santa monica, spiritual psychology, reiki II



Thursday 10:15 - 11:15AM (F)

Patricia Rose Upczak                     Nederland, CO

Author, Teacher, and Reiki Master

Healing and Creativity

The connection between healing, creativity, and subtle energies is a dynamic dance that leads us to health, balance and wholeness.

Reiki is a powerful, transformative tool and healing art. People involved with Reiki start to think of themselves as energy systems moving and vibrating at different levels. They start to release and unblock energy that they have been holding in place.


Synchronicity Publishing

Nederland, CO



Thursday 10:15 - 11:15am (G)

Daniel J. Benor, M.D.                 Medford, NJ

Experiential Workshop: Integrating Spiritual Healing And Psychotherapy

The combination of spiritual healing (Therapeutic Touch, Reiki) is far

more potent than any of them modalities alone.

Integrating spiritual healing with psychotherapy can bring multiple

benefits to individuals, couples and families. Daniel Benor, M.D. is a

psychiatric psychotherapist who brings many modalities into his work,

including meditation, imagery, eye movement desensitization and

reprocessing (EMDR), healing, and spiritual awareness. He will

introduce participants to a variety of ways in which these modalities

can be felicitously brought together. The combination of these

approaches is far more potent than any of them alone.


Psychiatrist, spiritual healer

Medford, NJ



Thursday 11:30 - 12 noon (H) mini-workshop

Jeffrey P. Kaplan, Ph.D., M.Ed., M.A.             Norristown, PA

Stress Management Through Self Mastery

Stress Management Through Self-Mastery is a powerful approach to managing stress that teaches participants how to take control of their actions and reactions to various life stressors, regardless of the circumstances surrounding them.

Stress Management Through Self-Mastery (30-minute) mini-workshop takes participants to the edge of awareness by challenging pre-conceived notions of how stress is created; the role that unresolved anger, grief and relationship issues plays in blocking contentment; and how to change self-image to create the results you want in life. Participants will explore the difference between happiness and contentment or peace of mind, how we get trapped in the day-to-day drama of life, and how to tame the mind in the midst of chaos and change. Option B: (A 60-minute presentation). With a 60-minute presentation, participants will receive, in addition to the mini-workshop, instructions and practice on Insight Meditation, an Eastern technique practiced for thousands of years helping practitioners achieve enlightment.

Ph.D., M.Ed., M.A., Licensed Psychologist, Certified School Psychologist

C-Institution: Interpersonal Growth Workshops, Inc.

Norristown, PA IGW, Inc. & The Mind/Body Connection



Thursday 11:30 - 12 noon (I) mini-workshop

Frank L. Fitzpatrick B.S.                     Cranston, RI

Dancing in the Street; Composing and Performing Music to Express and Conquer my Pain

Though Frank Fitzpatrick is well known for bringing his rapist, Father James Porter, to justice, little is known about how he used music composition and performance to keep himself sane during the arduous process.


Survivor Connections, Inc.

Cranston, RI

Founder of Survivor Connections, Inc., B.S. Music Education, Composer, Performer




Thursday 11:30 - 12 noon (J) mini-workshop

Janet Morgan                     Brooklyn, New York

Fun, Creativity And Other Radical Approaches To Cancer Care:

The Story Of Recreation Therapy

Providing cancer patients at all stages of treatment with creative diversion, be it a chance for self-expression of merely for relaxation, offers a sense of autonomy and control in an otherwise difficult environment.

If you found yourself fighting for your life, being stuck with needles and put into confining machines, filled with helpful poisons, what would you rather do in your down time: watch another talk show in bed, or come to a large sun filled room and let your creativity flow or enjoy world class entertainment. This is what Recreation Therapy at its best is all about.


B-Credentials: Master of Fine Arts, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, Certified Expressive Therapist

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cencer Center

Brooklyn, New York




Lunch 12:30 - 1:30pm

& AIM Members mtg.


Thursday 1:45 - 2:45 Opening & Keynote (K)

Eric Miller, Ph.D. MT-BC - Welcome

Kevin Makarewicz M.A. ceremony

Dan Benor, M.D. Keynote

Research and Theory in Energy Medicine:

Quantum Healing for the 21st Century


Einstein’s theory, E = mc2, can help to explain subtle energy


The lack of an accepted theory to explain energy medicine has left

many in the scientific community uncomfortable with these potent

therapeutic modalities. Dr. Benor, trained in psychology, medicine,

psychiatry, research, and spiritual healing, will explain how Albert

Einstein's theory, E = mc2 is relevant to healing. As with quantum

physics and Newtonian physics, Quantum Energy Medicine Healing requires

new and different ways of understanding the world, many of which are

counter-intuitive to everyday, Newtonian ways of viewing and

understanding the world. Dr. Benor, trained in psychology, medicine,

psychiatry, research, and spiritual healing, will explain how we must

adjust our understanding of the world in the light of the findings in

energy medicine research.

Over 200 controlled studies of healing in humans, animals, plants, bacteria, yeasts, and other living systems will be reviewed.

There are more than 200 controlled studies of healing. Two thirds of the studies show significant effects ? in humans, animals, plants, bacteria, yeasts, cells in laboratory culture (in vitro), DNA and more. There are now replicated studies of healing on wound healing, pain, anxiety, depression, electrodermal activity, and changing hemoglobin levels in humans, and on wound healing in animals, growth of plants, bacteria, and yeasts. Daniel Benor, M.D. will review this body of evidence and share from his extensive personal investigations of healers around the world, as well as from his personal experience of working as a psychotherapist and healer.


Thursday 3:15 - 4:15 (L)



Thursday 3:15 - 4:15 (M)

Rae Sirott MT-BC, (MSW, NJ & PA LSW all pending 12/98 graduation)           Sicklerville, NJ

Heal the Healer, Taking care of yourself - creatively

Experiential creative workshop to nurture ourselves using drums, chant, and spiritualtiy.

As healers we often forget to follow our own good advice. We tell our clients to make time for play, spiritual practice and life beyond the office, yet we don't always do it. Take an hour of your conference to relax, play and heal through drumming, visualization and spirituality. No experience required, rhythm instruments provided or bring your own. Dress comfortably. You will take home some techniques for mini-breaks in your work day.

C-Institution: Private Practice

Sicklerville, NJ


AAMT, NASW, Tri-State Holistic Health Assn.


Thursday 3:15 - 4:15 (N)

Tanya Zilberter Ph.D.                     Heidelberg, Germany

Reflexo-Therapy With Mechanical Skin Stimulation: Pilot Study

Using the Reflexo-Therapy device, our subjects reported 98% pain relief, 96% relaxation, 94% improvement in the quality of sleep, and 81% an increase in energy level.

We followed up subjects who used the Mechanical Skin Stimulation. Out of 126 subjects, 98% reported pain relief, 96% relaxation, 94% improvement in the quality of sleep, and 81% increase in energy level. We discuss: the neurophysiological hypothesis...

The Natural and Holistic Health Study Group,

Heidelberg, Germany.

Ph.D. in Physiology

zilb@sunny.mpimf-heidelberg.mpg.de (Dr. Zilberter)


Thursday 3:15 - 4:15 (N2)

Aliza Ansell & Karen Peterson             Northampton, MA

Out of Your Head and Into Your Humor:

Blending Comedy Improvisation and Basic Aikido

Out Of Your head and Into Your HumorAliza Ansell, Comedy Improvisation instructor and Karen Peterson, Black Belt and instructor in Aikido join together with for an active, fun-filled workshop. What do these seemingly unrelated art forms have in common?


Aikido of Northampton, Staff Veterns Hospital, Leeds MA, Staff NEARI, Holyoke, MABBo

Aliza Ansell, Comedy Improvisation instructor and Karen Peterson, Black Belt and instructor in Aikido join together with for an active, fun-filled workshop. What do these seemingly unrelated art forms have in common? Both highlight spontaneity, non-resistance, moving with a situation and quick action as well as encourage creativity. Out Of Your Head And Into Your Humor is designed to let you laugh and move in a safe and supportive environment. The workshop includes breathing and centering techniques, non-competitive exercises that focus on communication, creativity, spontaneity and team building. In a modern, fast-paced world filled with multiple responsibilities and stressors, this workshop is valuable to educators, health professionals, corporate employees, or anyone looking to balance commitment with grace and humor.

Aliza Ansell founded TeamWorks in 1997, specializing in team building, stress reduction and improvisation techniques after studying acting, directing and improvisation at Smith College and with Sleeveless Theater, a nationally known theater and improvisation troupe. Aliza has facilitated her workshops for corporations and businesses around New England.


Thursday 4:30 - 5:30 (O)

Eva S. Forndran, Ph.D., ACET                 Emmaus, PA

Native American Metaphors useful in OVERCOMING DEPRESSION and in GRIEF COUNSELING are Introduced Through Teaching-Stories (Legends)

The use of these teaching stories (legends) can serve as a guiding path in

Steps in this "journey" will be expressed through imagery in art depictions. This session gives an opportunity to become more acquainted, within this short time, with our continent's Amerindian healing ways. These are based on the belief in the whole circle of creation (the earth) of which we humans are a part. Their spirituality, symbolism (archetypes), meditation and prayer forms help to keep one's balance leading to self-understanding and feelings of happiness. Dr. Forndran is a visual artist from Austria and worked as an educator in Dr. Maria Montessori (MD) approach in NYC and as therapist at the international center for multi-handicapped children of Prof.Th. Hellbrugge (pediatrician) at the University of Munich. She is also familiar with R.Steiner's anthroposophical movement and "Curative" ways. "Bird-in-Hand" is her additional name from the Center for Metaphysical Studies on Shamanic healing forms.



Thursday 4:30 - 5:30 (P)

Elaine Hunter                             Ontario, Canada

Dance therapy never fails

You will never leave a dance session the way you entered

Dance is an extremely powerful tool in the world of therapy. The physical involvement and the use of music as a method of changing the students thoughts is a positive way of healing.

Elaine Hunter Dance School

Orleans Ontario

Dance School owner 24 years, Diploma of Education, Nottingham University, England, Extensive work with children and adolescents with dance , Full member CDTA, Canada, Director, World Wide Dance For Peace.



Thursday 4:30 - 5:30pm (Q)

Carol Lark Ph.D., ATR-BC                St. Louis, Mo


Suspend "need to know" to achieve richer layers of meaning through body-based and dialectical approaches in art therapy.

Using art processes, enhanced somatic awareness, and dialectical encounters, participants will learn how to dip beneath their old narratives to find richer, even contradictory meanings in their images and self-understanding.

The Art Therapy Center

St. Louis, Mo



Thursday 4:30 - 5:30pm (Q)


Dinner 6-7pm


Panel Discussion 7:30 - 8:30
Sarah Fisher M.D. Panel Moderator,
Norm Goldberg,
Peter Redmond, D.C.
Dan Benor, M.D.

8:30pm Keynote Irene Doniger MS, RN (S)

The Spirituality of Humor in Health & Healing

Irene is the Director of the Mind Body Connection in King of

Prussia, PA


9:30 Cabaret (featuring conference participants on stage!)


Friday 9:00-10:00am (T)

Rae Johnson             Toronto,  Ontario CANADA

Somatic Alchemy: The Theory and Practice of Elemental Movement

Elemental Movement is a form of movement art that draws upon the ancient universal symbols of earth, water, air, fire, and ether to access, express, and integrate essential aspects of the self through movement.

Elemental Movement is a form of movement art that draws upon the ancient universal elements of earth, water, air, fire, and ether to access, express, and integrate essential aspects of the self through movement. This workshop will provide an opportunity to embody the qualities inherent in each element through a variety of methods, including somatic education, individual and interactive movement improvisations, and guided discussion. Participants at any level of skill or experience in movement are welcome, and links to other expressive arts modalities will be included.

Registered Somatic Movement Therapist


Body of Knowledge

Toronto, Ontario CANADA



Friday 9:00-10:00am (U)

Dr. Avi goren-Bar (or representative)         Haifa , Israel


The potential in Art Therapy for Psoriatic and Skin

Disease Patients

Director of the Lesley College Extension Expressive Theapy Clinic for

children, adolescents and families in Israel.

Haifa University, Israel


Friday 9:00-10:00am (V)

Christoffer de Graal, BMus, ANLP Cert         London, England

Conversations & Stories in Sound

Wether you think you can or can't play music this workshop will allow you to explore the deeper structure of your experience with yourself and others in the world.

In this workshop we will create small 'sound pieces'. Taking as a starting point the exploration of what you would like to have happen, or explore, we will work in small and large groups. The structure we will use is the SCORE: S the present situation, O the outcome, E the effects of that outcome, and C the cause. Slowly moving from one step to another we will discover the rescources that are there. This is based on an NLP process and will be facilitated using 'Clean Langauge questions' developed by David Grove and the rescources of wonderful percussion instruments. Deep and profound learnings come from this work and 'tough' world issues explored by the larger group are quite magical and healing. Fun, enjoyment and wise learning will be the results of this workshop.

Co-ordinator, development worker for West London Disability Arts. Co-ordinator for Client Consultation Group (Ealing Health Authority & Social Services - London). Music Workshop Leader (open community group, closed sessions in schools with disabled children, sessions with adults including disabled people - collaboration with choreographer). NLP and symbolic Modelling sessions for individuals and small groups. Recipeint of 1998 - 99 Millenium Award. ANLP Full member.





Friday 9:00-10:00am (W)

Denise Rodgers, MLS, C.Hpt.             Tulsa, OK

Psycho-Spiritual Therapy as Adjunct Treatment for Cancer


Association for Development of Mind/Body Potential

Society for Integrative Medicine, International Association of Counselors & Therapists, Institute of Noetic Sciences



Friday 10:15 - 11:15am (X)

Leda Meredith                                Brooklyn, NY

Performing Artist/Healer

Where do people go for healing of mind and spirit? To the arts. In many cultures people frequently seek out the same individual one consults for physical remedies. This course addresses how the artist serves mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. For those who have felt that their artistic and holistic healing callings are somehow related.

professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, herbalist

Jennifer Muller/The Works, Underhill Herb Company

Brooklyn, NY

leda3@juno.com or



Friday 10:15 - 11:15am (Y)

Karen Carnabucci MSS, LSW, CP, CET         Lancaster, PA

Psychodrama: Taking The Stage For Healing

Psychodrama -- literally "psyche in action" -- helps us explore our inner and outer worlds with action in therapy, education, theater, worship and business settings.

Psychodrama is a holistic method that involves action techniques to explore a person’s public and private worlds in a multi-dimensional way. Developed by Dr. J.L. Moreno, a younger contemporary of Dr. Sigmund Freud, this method is the true forerunner of creative arts therapies as we know them today as well as an effective way to build community, which is also a powerful healing force. This workshop introduces the basics of psychodrama and sociometry, which alllow for the expression of feelings and opens a wider perspective in resolving individual and community concerns and problems with creativity. It also offers an opportunity to rehearse new behaviors and is ideal for working with illness and healing soul sickness. Participants in this workshop will receive credit hours toward certification with the Board of Examiners In Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy and the American Society of Experiential Therapists.

National Association of Social Workers; American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama; American Society of Experiential Therapists

Partners In Healing

Lancaster, PA





Friday 10:15 - 11:15am (Z)

Chrissy Marie Petro, M.S.W., L.S.W.,         Pittsburgh, PA

Zen Dancing, Movement Meditation

Discover your innate potential through the powerful and expressive tool of movement.

The powerful tool of movement has been present since the beginning of time. It is only recently, that we are discovering the scientific healing qualities of this art. When one embraces the energy, rhythm and life force within the human body, one can begin to free the body of learned negative behavioral patterns. moreover, one is given the freedom through movement to express the spirit of the soul, embrace one's spirituality and open the mind to an array of healing possibilities.


Healing Hearts Counseling

Pittsburgh, PA




Friday 11:30 - 12:30 (AA)

Carol Oliver M.Ed. TEP

Psychodrama Workshop



Friday 11:30 - 12:30 (BB)

Shaun McNiff                                                 Endicott, MA

Integrated Arts Studio

Making objects and images will generate enactments in different media. The experience will further understanding of how the creative process and its healing energies are activated and supported in a group/community environment.



Friday 11:30 - 12:30 (CC)

Chriss Berk MA, ATR                     NY,NY

Practicing Independently As An Integrative Health Care Provider


This workshop will provide information on how integrative heatlh care providers can create work opportunites for themselves in their community.This workshop is for individuals interested in starting a private practice and also for those who are already in private practice who are interested in building upon what they have started. In this workshop, you will learn strategic ways to:

Identify opportunities that exist Get started as an independent practitioner promote your work Structure and build upon your existing business plan


Association for Integrative Medicine Board




Friday 11:30 - 12:30 (DD)

Yetta E. Lautenschlager LCSW         Hamden, Connecticut

The 4 A's of Emotional Intelligence

The psychoneuroimmunology of emotionality

Recent research has shown that there are neuropeptides through out the entire body. That is why it is important to be able to not only talk about your feelings, but to feel your feelings. Western culture has encouraged people to repress emotion. The result is a society that learns to "act out" emotions instead. When emotions are repressed, or acted out, the body is affected. Psychoneuroimmunologists have found evidence of immune system compromises due to stress. When the immune system is compromised, disease enters the body. I will discuss these theories and research, and talk about the New Identity Process, which is a psychotherapy that works with the body and the mind. NIP helps people to learn about emotionality and how our attitudes and emotions affect our lives and our health.

International Society for New Identity Process





Lunch 12:45- 1:45pm



2:00- 3:00pm (EE)

Keynote: Shaun McNiff

Art, Spirit & Integrative Medicine

Currently Executive Vice President and Dean of ENDICOTT COLLEGE, Beverly, Massachusetts.

Was Founder, Institute for the Arts and Human DevelopmentLESLEY COLLEGE GRADUATE SCHOOL, Cambridge, Massachusetts

and Dean/director of masters programs in creative arts in learning and expressive therapy with training sites throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Israel, 1974-1988; co-author of proposal to Massachusetts Board of Regents for authority to grant Ph.D. degree; 1988-1995 senior professor in the graduate school.

Author of the following books:

Trust the Process: An Artistic Guide to Letting Go. Shambhala, Boston and London (distributed by

Random House), 1998.

Art Based-Research. Jessica Kingsley Publisher, London, 1998.

Earth Angels: Engaging the Sacred in Everyday Things. Shambhala, Boston and London

(distributed by Random House), 1995.

Art as Medicine: Creating a Therapy of the Imagination. Shambhala, Boston and London

(distributed by Random House), 1992. (Published in Great Britain by Piakus, London, 1994).

Depth Psychology of Art. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 1989.

Fundamentals of Art Therapy. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 1988.

Educating the Creative Arts Therapist: A Profile of the Profession. Charles C. Thomas,

Springfield, Illinois, 1986.

The Arts and Psychotherapy. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 1981.

Art Therapy at Danvers. Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover,

Massachusetts, 1974.


Friday 3:15- 4:15pm (FF)

Ingrid Bredenberg, M.A.                Montague, MA


Men & Women's Rituals: Discovering, Claiming & Sharing Our Power

Participants will explore and share their beauty, fears, and desires in a dialog of compassion and truth, enfolded in a safe "container" of ritual, where power, truth, creativity, and wisdom can be expressed through song, drumming, movement, and appreciation.

The first, and perhaps last, frontier of our species may be that between the sexes. Men and women think, act, talk and love differently. After eons of living together, we are still mystified by each other....longing to connect, yet often frustrated in our attempts. We can now shift our procreative energies to co-creation of new ways of being and relating. Ritual provides a safe "container" where power, truth, creativity, and wisdom can be expressed through song, drumming, movement, and appreciation. During this "time out of time," participants will explore and share their beauty, fears, and desires in a dialog of truth and compassion.

Ingrid holds a master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology;

former director of Corporate & Community Wellness @ Tampa General Hospital;

past president of Music for People's board of directors.

Professional Affiliations: American Society for Training and Development;

Western New England Organizational Development Network; Kripalu

Consultants' Collaborative; Music for People; Women's Alliance; Global


Human Resource Innovations

Montague, MA



Friday 3:15- 4:15pm (FF2)

Cynthia VonnPreid, MA, MT         Salt Lake City, Utah

Expressive Therapy: Success with Infants & Children Through Music & Art



Friday 3:15- 4:15pm (GG)

Carol O. Vracarich                                     Newport, PA

The ABC's of Public Relations for Holistic Health/Integrative Medicine  Professionals!

 A workshop providing a brief overview of what you need to know, as well as some practical tools you can use, to promote your holistic health/integrative medicine practice or business.

 Too busy to design a public relations plan while building your holistic health/integrative medicine practice or business? This workshop will provide a brief overview of what you need to know as well as some practical tools you can use to educate the public about the field and about your services. Professional newsletters, working with the media, and effective ads and news releases, are just a few of the topics addressed in this seminar.  Presenter Carol O. Vracarich, former Founding Executive Director of the Perry County (PA) Council of the Arts, developed that organization from a living room group into a regionally-known entity through an effective grassroots public relations effort.




Friday 3:15- 4:15pm (HH)

Susan Antellis ATR, BCIAC             NY, NY

Rafelina Mandarino, MPS, ATR

Art Therapy & Biofeedback: The Role of Stress Management & Biofeedback in conjunction with the Creative Process as Expressed Through Art

Concept: How self-regulation and relaxation can influence the creative process and how the creative process can effect self-regulation and the relaxation response.



Friday 4:30-5:30pm


Peter Redmond, D.C. AIM President

Lynn Miller, CMT

Ingrid Bredenberg, M.A.


Peter Redmond, D.C.

Norm Goldberg MM

Lynn Miller


Registration for Housing only:

Please call the Omega Institute: 1-800-944-1001

Omega Institute

260 Lake Drive, Rhinebeck, NY 12572-3212