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For more information, call: Eric Miller, Ph.D., at Expressive Therapy Concepts, 610-933-8145

Symposium for Integrative Medicine and Expressive Therapies scheduled May 27-28 at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

More than 30 helpers and healers will present their specialties in art, music, dance, storytelling, movement, ritual and drama at the joint international symposium for integrative medicine and expressive therapies May 27-28 at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, N.Y.

The symposium is sponsored by the Association of Integrative Medicine, a fledgling international organization of helpers and healers, and Expressive Therapy Concepts, a Pennsylvania non-profit organization that sponsors educational programs and performances with a focus on the creative arts.

Integrative medicine is fast becoming the current important phrase to describe the combining of the best of conventional medical treatment with alternative and non-traditional methods of healing. The symposium is expected to attract a diverse variety of helpers and healers including allopathic and homeopathic physicians, psychotherapists, creative arts therapists, nutritionists, massage therapists and bodyworkers, chiropractors, nurses and others.

Presenters at the May symposium come from a variety of clinical disciplines and approaches and include musicians and performing artists who identify their work as healing from across the United States and internationally.

The conference will include all-day programs as well as dozens of short workshops on an array of topics such as storytelling, body energy work, psychodrama, art therapy with cancer and skin disease patients, Native American metaphors with grief counseling.

Of special interest are speakers Shaun McNiff, an internationally known art therapist from Massachusetts who is the author several books about creativity and the creative arts therapies. McNiff is author of "Trust The Process: An Artist's Guide To Letting Go" and " Art As Medicine: Creating A Therapy of the Imagination,"

Dr. Dan Benor, a psychiatrist who practices psychotherapy in Philadelphia and Medford, N.J., and is the founder of the Doctor-Healer Network in England, will offer an all-day program on May 26 on "Quantum Healing: Understanding Spiritual Healing from the Quantum Perspective." He is the author of "Healing Research," which reviews a broad spectrum of anecdotal reports of non- conventional healing practices.

The Association for Integrative Medicine is a two-year-old international organization founded by four helping professionals in eastern Pennsylvania. It counts nearly 200 members -- and growing -- from throughout the United States as well as Germany, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, England, Romania, Canada, Hong Kong and India, many of whom have been attracted to the organization by its web site.

"It's our philosophy that diverse modalities can work in conjunction with each other as part of a unified team rather than in competition," says Peter Redmond, a chiropractor in West Chester, Pa., who is the organization's president. "This integrated approach ultimately will lead to safer, faster and more effective health care."

Redmond recently collaborated with AIM co-founder Eric Miller, a psychologist, for an article in an upcoming issue of Alternative Therapies on the use of Music therapy with chiropractic work. Miller and his wife Lynn Miller, a music therapist, are the directors of Expressive Therapy Concepts, the co-sponsor of the symposium.

Workshop topics and presenters include:

"Integrating Mind-Body Medicine and Psychotherapy" with Ellen Adelman, a psychologist and meditation instructor in Philadelphia and director of the Mind Body Medicine Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Tony Brooks from Denmark will be demonstrating a new technology called Virtual Interactive Space!

"Making Contact Through Music" with Kevin Makarewicz, expressive therapist who has led the Expressive Therapy Program at Wellspring, an innovative psychiatric treatment center in CT.

"Introduction To The Alexander Technique, " a method of body education, with Zora Natablut, a physical therapist and Alexander Technique teacher in Pennsylvania.

"Born To Sing" with Sally Adams, a performer and voice teacher who has led voice workshops in the United States and England.

"Healing and Creativity "with Patricia Rose Upczak, an author, teach and Reiki master in Nederland, Colo.

"Integrating Spiritual Healing and Psychotherapy" with Daniel Benor, a psychiatrist and author of "Healing Research."

Stress Management Through Self Mastery" with Jeffrey P. Kaplan, a psychologist and workshop leader based in Norristown, Pa.

"Heal the Healer: Taking Care of Yourself Creatively" with Rae Sirott, a music therapist and social worker in private practice in Sicklerville, N.J.

"Reflexo-Therapy with Mechanical Skim Stimulation" with Tanya Zilberter, physiologist and member of the Natural and Holistic Health Study Group, Heidelberg, Germany.

"Using Native American Metaphors fuseful in overcoming Depression and in Grief Counseling" with Eva S. Forndran, expressive therapist from Emmaus, Pa.

"Dance Therapy Never Fails" with Elaine Hunter, owner of Elaine Hunter Dance School, Orleans, Ontario, Canada, and director of World Wide Dance for Peace.

"Suspending the Narrative In Art Therapy Processes" with Carol Lark, art therapist with The Art Therapy Center, St. Louis, Mo.

"Somatic Alchemy: The Theory and Practice of Elemental Movement" with Rae Johnson, registered somatic movement therapist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"The Potential of Art Therapy for Psoriatic and Skin Disease Patients" with Avi Goren-Bar, director of the Lesley College Extension Expressive Therapy Clinic for children, adolescents and families in Haifa University, Israel.

"Conversations and Stories in Sound" with Christoffer de Graal, coordinator for West London Disability Arts, London, England.

"Herbal Medicine" with Leda Meredith, professional teacher, dancer, choreographer and herbalist, Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Psychodrama: Taking the Stage for Healing" with Karen Carnabucci, a certified practitioner of psychodrama and consultant in private practice in Lancaster, Pa.

"Zen Dancing" with Chrissy Marie Petro, a social worker who works with rhythm and movement in private practice in Pittsburgh, Pa.

"Creating Soulful Relationships an experiential psychodrama workshop" with Carole Oliver, a trainer in psychodrama in private practice in Montclair, N.J.

"Men's and Women's Rituals: Discovering, Claiming and Sharing Our Power" with Ingrid Bredenberg, consultant with Human Resource Innovations, Montague, Mass.

"Practicing Independently as an Integrative Health Care Provider" with Chriss Berk, art therapist from , N.Y.

"The Four A's of Emotional Intelligence" with Yetta Lautenschlager, social worker from Hamden, Conn.

"The ABC's of Public Relations for Holistic Health and Integrative Medicine" with Carol O. Vracarich

"Art Therapy and Biofeedback" with Rafelina Mandarino with Susan Antellis, NY, "Imaged Music" with Claire Maggio Ph.D. Texas, "Letting Reiki Guide You" with Mike Wanner

Additional information about the Association of Integrative Medicine may be obtained by contacting Eric Miller at Expressive Therapy Concepts, Box 1, Mont Clare, Pa. 19453 or by calling 610-933-8145. The web site detailing symposium and membership information is located at: www.integrativemedicine ******************************

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